ZWES being part of Pos Malaysia sustainability Road map to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050.

With the roadmap, Pos Malaysia is focusing on six initiatives. As part of its transformation, Zero Waste Earth Store (ZWES) is proud to be Pos Malaysia Integral force towards their sustainability commitment in Waste management and supply chain.

What do we do with used uniforms?

Can we turn it into a useful product?

well Via Pos Malaysia in its bid to care for the environment and to support the idea of reuse and upcycle has their workers of Pos Malaysia to be involved in the idea of Kain.ness by Zero Waste Earth Store to reuse, recycle and up
cycle to contribute to the awareness of protecting the ecology system by returning used and old uniforms whenever they are supplied with new ones to be converted (upcycle) into corporate gift .

As a result, this effort by Pos Malaysia has paid dividends by not only creating awareness of recycling and upscaling amongst its workers but it had also created job opportunities for local housewives and part time tailors that’s been curated by team ZWES KAIN.NESS VIA PWSA NGO to earn a decent extra income by turning old uniforms into pouches that now carries the Pos Malaysia logo to be used by its workers or as corporate gifting .

We have successfully diverted (Upcycle) Pos Malaysia’s Used Uniform into pouch as their main door gift for this launch and to be gifted as their Main VVIP Gift – We ensured we kept their very essence of Pos Malaysia intact while reflecting our culture in the design incorporated. The remaining material is converted into scrap material to be used further.

These pouches are sewn and embroidered by a local women empowering NGO Pertubuhan Wanita Setia Alam whom are driven passionate home sewers and specially abled group.

We upcycle the uniform into beautiful pouch

We are also proud to showcase the furniture and products that were made from the fund won by ZWES In collaboration with Taylor’s University as the winner of POS MALAYSIA POST FOR PLANET CONTEST #facemaskrecycle 

Thank you to our esteemed Guest Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil and Pos Malaysia Group CEO Charles Brewer for the inspiring speech as well as your encouraging words during our brief conversation at our booth display.

Pos Malaysia is looking to recycle 50% of operational waste, 80% of recyclable materials for all packaging and 50% of training to be done digitally ????

Well done to all the management and sustainability team members for their great sustainability road map launching today at Mitec

And being the first logistic company in Malaysia to do so

We have also conducted workshop on how to transform Pos Malaysia uniform into tote bag at Menara Daya Bumi.

As they say, a little idea goes a long way and Pos Malaysia has surely shown its commitment to make the world a better place to live in!

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