In conjunction with Earth Day 2024, ZWES is grateful for the invitation by KPMG Malaysia to deliver sustainability talk on the Earth Day Theme: Planet vs Plastic. We talk about Microplastic, Recycling and Waste Segregation. Trash To Cash recycling program also held at the cafe and loading bay.

Around 100 KPMG-ians participated in the talk held at the Function Room and through hybrid. This is to raise awareness on the importance of protecting the mother earth and understand on the effect of #microplastic on human well-being


Total of 166.094kg of waste collected through the recycling drive ♻️


From the waste, they are able to convert them into cash voucher to redeem/purchase sustainability products from #zwes booth

Thank you to the organizer, super enthusiastic participants, ZWES team and volunteers for making the event successful.

Looking forward to see more green initiatives by the organization and the community.

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