How It Works?

Welcome to Sustainable Rewards: Earn While You Recycle and Refill

Are you passionate about the environment and looking for ways to make a positive impact while also earning rewards? ZWES Reward programs offer a fantastic opportunity to do just that! By participating in recycling and refilling initiatives, you not only help reduce waste and conserve resources but also have the chance to earn rewards for your contributions. Let’s dive into how you can earn rewards for recycling and make a difference in the world.

FAQ on ZWES Rewards

How Do I Join The ZWES Rewards Program?

By scanning our QR code or we will register the ZWES Rewards based on your contact number. No apps download and registration required from your side

How Do I Earn Points?

You get 1 ZWES Point for every RM1 spent though retail or website purchase based on your contact number. You can also earn bonus points when you return the ZWES containers (with ZWES labels only) for reuse

How Do I Redeem Once Reach 1000 Points?

You can redeem the points in our retail store or via contact our whatsapp number

How Do I Get Cash Vouchers When I Recycle?

Cash Vouchers (hard copy) only applicable to exchange in store or during our event. The waste that are accepted for cash vouchers:
-Plastic No 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 (no mixed plastic)
-Paper, Carton Boxes, Books
-Metal and Aluminium
-E-Waste (such printer, monitor, cable, phone)
-Household Electronic (vacuum, fan, aircond)
-Used cooking oil (UCO)

What is the expiry date?

Expiry date for Cash Vouchers is by 31 December
No expiry date for ZWES Points and Digital Stamp

Type of ZWES Rewards

Cash Vouchers:
Receive cash vouchers that can redeem products in the Zero Waste Earth Store (ZWES) in exchange for plastic, paper, aluminium, metal, electronic waste, household electronic waste and used cooking oil. Cash vouchers can deducted from the purchase without minimum order
(only applicable in retail store/event)

Digital Stamp:
Earn one (1) digital stamp when you drop off textile waste, toys, clothes, glass, used mask
(only applicable in retail store/event)

ZWES Points:
You get 1 ZWES Point for every RM1 spent (exclude delivery fee). Available for retail purchase and website purchase. Additional points given when you return ZWES Containers with ZWES Label. Check your points through the link send via whatsapp or email. No registration required
Redeem MYSTERY GIFT from us when you reach 1000 points

Redeem ZWES Points:
Redeem mystery gift once you reach 1000 points