Massive amount of textiles are send to landfill as a result of fast fashion and overconsumption. What about textiles waste in corporate sector?

Estimated corporate uniforms are typically replaced every twelve months. Assuming these uniforms are tossed into the trash bin, that’s a massive numbers of textiles waste to landfill!

Divert your corporate uniforms from the landfill and upcycling them into useful products through collaboration between Zero Waste Earth Store (ZWES), Life Line Clothing Malaysia (LLCM) and Upcycle4better (u4B).

We provide companies with circular solution to their corporate textile waste through sustainable upcycling program.

Zero Waste Earth Store (ZWES) is the Recycling partner and the green formulation laundry detergent supplier for textiles waste collected by Life Line Clothing Malaysia (LLCM).

Upcycle4better (U4B) will provide the best upcycling solution for the companies by upcycling their work wear into gift  for staff or merchandise for their company events.

Get one Uniform Upcycling Bin for your organization. Give them a second life