An Overview Of Our Impact in Environment and Social
Environmental Impact
Waste Diverted From Landfill
Total waste diverted from landfill during Recycling Day, Collection Day and special program . Not including the total containers reuse for refill
Total Kg Waste Diverted From Landfill
Type of Waste
Waste Categories

Type of Waste We Have Successfully Diverted From Landfill

Paper, Carton Boxes, Books
Plastic Waste
Textiles Waste
Used Cooking Oil (UCO)
Metal and Aluminium
Single-Use Face Mask
Looking Back On What We Have Achieved

19th January 2020

Our First Setia Alam Recycling Day

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Diverted about 2500kg of waste from landfill. The proceeds from the collection was donated to NGO

1st May 2020

Community Used Shampoo Bottles Collection For Refugee

Collected Used Shampoo/Body Wash Bottles for Refugees at Sentul & PPR San Peng

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Sponsored The refill of 60kg of Hair and Body Shampoo with conditioner into 120 donated used containers to the refugee

10th October 2020

10.10 Setia Alam Recycle Day

Second Recycle Day

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Diverted about 1500kg of waste. The proceeds from the collection was donated to NGO

1st Jan to 31st December 2021

Collected 1,091.850 kg of Used Cooking Oil (UCO)


Refill For Charity and Flood Relief Drive

We send the refill pack of laundry detergent, dish wash as well as hair & Body shampoo with conditioner (in donated containers) to the families affected by the flood and poverty in KL, Kelantan, Klang, Kedah and Pahang

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We refilled and send 175 bottles (in donated containers) of laundry detergent, dish wash, body shampoo and hand sanitizer to the families affected by flood and poverty in Klang Valley, Pahang, Kedah and Terengganu

29th January 2022

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Diverted about 1450 kg of waste from landfill
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