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Adopt Glass Bottle for Dragon Fruit Seed Indoor Plant

Glass has proven environmental benefit compared to plastic. However, glass is no longer accepted for recycling in some market due to the expensive cost and difficulty to process.

Glass recycling has become a problem as most facilities are not accepting it and it ends up in garbage waste and landfill.

Most zero waste store are still accepting clean glass bottle for reuse

As Zero Waste Earth Store received a lot used and clean glass bottle to be reuse in the store, we notice that the supply is more than the demand.

Therefore, we take the initiative to use the glass to plant indoor plant which is the dragon fruit seed and mother in law tongue plant

The glass bottle will then be adopted to plant the seed. We named this project as “Plant in Glass Project”

Below is the video on how to do the planting using the soil and seed from Happy Plant Zero Waste Earth Store

Get Your Happy Plant Seed here:

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