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Why Zero Waste Earth Store Is A Bulk Store For Everyone

We often received questions:

1) Why you don’t focus on selling on organic and natural products?

2) Is all your cleaning product biodegradable?

3) Why we found zero waste products in some bulk store more expensive?

According to the zero waste definition:

“Zero waste entails shifting consumption patterns, more carefully managing purchases, and maximizing the reuse of materials at the end of their useful life” best sums up the definition of the meaning of zero waste in consumer practice

The population is growing exponentially. At the same time, we are producing massive amount of trash.

For us at Zero Waste Earth Store, going zero waste is no longer optional, it should be practice by all demographic, and income consumers

Due to law of supply and demand and smaller economy of scale, we often found zero waste bulk store targeted to higher income and high level of education consumer.

We believe it’s important to influence as many people as possible to live sustainable lifestyle.

Therefore, we provide a few range of products (detergent for example) offering:

1) Economical Range

We provide economical range of products that are affordable yet good quality. We believe that refill from a zero waste store should be cheaper than buying off the shelf from the supermarket/grocery store/hypermarket. Most of the population consist of high percentage of low to middle class. They cannot afford buying expensive laundry detergent for example

For zero waste goal to be reality, we need to engage the community to refill and reuse

2) Green Formulation

Green formulation is a medium range products that is affordable. They do not contain harmful hormone disruptive chemicals that may affect human’s well being and no negative effect to marine ecology. Halal and ISO certified products

3) Natural / Organic

Natural range of products usually don’t contain phosphates, chlorine and artificial additives that can be dangerous to health and planet. They will list out all their active ingredients and watch carefully on the chemicals. The pricing usually fall under higher range

4) Handmade/DIY

For handmade/diy lovers, we also provide ingredients that they can purchase to make their own cleaning products such as washing soda, baking soda, borax, citric acid etc

Back to the questions:

1) Why you don’t focus on only selling organic and natural products?
We believe in our purpose of establishing zero waste store is to provide for all range of consumers, “A Zero Waste Store for Everyone”

2) Is all your cleaning products biodegradable?
Biodegradable means they have natural ability to biodegrade into natural state. Not all the products, but we have large corner of cleaning products that are certified as “green” and “biodegradable”

3) Why we found zero waste products in some bulk store more expensive?
Due to lack of demand and supply. We hope we can change this by influence more people to practice zero waste and make zero waste store accessible in more places

Zero Waste is now and future. Support us at Zero Waste Earth Store to make this planet earth a sustainable home for all. Start by Reuse, Refill, Recycle and Repeat this Habit.

Now everyone can get great quality products in low price by “refilling” at Zero Waste Earth Store



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