Thank you to BDO and Menara Centara for being our Zero Waste Heroes
We just had to take a moment to appreciate and thank our incredible clients, collaboration partners  and not forgetting our dedicated ZWES team for their unwavering dedication to zero waste and making this event a success ????❤️
From separating recyclables diligently to reuse container to refill, this actions show us of the power we have as individuals to make a difference.
Not only do recycling, we also having the education booth to spread awareness and educate others about the importance of sustainable practices.
And most important to redeem and buy products from our Zero Waste Earth Store. Together, we’re creating a greener and cleaner world for ourselves and future generations.
Let’s continue to reuse, refill, recycle and repurpose and inspire others to join us on this important journey. Together, we can make a real difference! ❤️????

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