Time to Ditch Plastic Straw, Use Edible Straw Instead

Plastic straw are not biodegradable and releasing chemicals into the soil, air and water that are harmful to human, environment and the mother earth. Plastic straw are one of the most commonly found during the coastal clean-up.

Why we need to ditch the plastic straw:

  • It takes more than 100 years to decompose
  • Harmful to marine life
  • Disrupt eco-systems
  • Increases ocean toxicity
  • Although plastic straw is made from no #2 or no #5 plastic, but most people never recycle plastic straw

Can you imagine the number of plastic straws laying in the landfill and ocean?

Time to ditch the plastic straw and choose the alternatives.

There are many alternatives that will help put a dent in the landfill.

We would like to introduce EDIBLE STRAW that 100% made from food based ingredients

Check out how fast the edible straw can be decompose?

You can purchase edible standard straw and boba straw from us for business use, gift box or to bring out during dine in

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