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Refill For Charity

A movement called as “Bendera Putih” or as white flag movement on social media was started by Malaysian to help those in needs of food and essential.

At Zero Waste Earth Store, we believe refill and reuse is an act of generosity to the mother earth and people living in it. This Refill For Charity by ZWES campaign aims to reduce plastic waste by reuse containers for refill and donate to the families in need for cleaning products, personal care and detergents.

The community answered to our request for clean reusable containers by donating to our store. We refill 2kg laundry detergent, 2kg dish wash and 1kg hair and body shampoo with conditioner to the families calling for help located in Kuala Lumpur and our community.

We are still looking for contributor to sponsor more families. If you wish to contribute to the campaign, you can purchase the order though our website or by whatsapp us at 011-10613629

Our list of recipients:
1) 17 families in Kuala Lumpur
2) Boys’ homes
3) A family in Tumpat, Kelantan
4) A family in Pelabuhan Klang

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