Instructions For Upcycling Used Plastic Sachet into Basket

Single-used plastic sachet cause major harm to the environment. Upcycling used plastic sachet into basket or bag is one of the way to prevent this non-biodegradable plastic materials to the landfill. However, reducing plastic waste is still our urgent priority. Refill by bring reusable container to Zero Waste Earth Store is the way to go.

The clean plastic sachet was collected from the community and we use the opportunity to teach on upcycling to the public for education and awareness

Below are the step-by-step required to fold the plastic sachet

2 thoughts on “Instructions For Upcycling Used Plastic Sachet into Basket

  1. Minying says:

    Hi, may i know where do i get a full video on this? Thank you.

    1. We don’t the video. But we can arrange workshop to teach

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