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Sustainable, Zero Waste & Environmental Friendly Detergent Refill at Zero Waste Earth Store

Embracing the concept of Refill and Reuse, Zero Waste Earth Store (ZWES) was created as a Retailer and Wholesaler that allow refill your own containers with household cleaning detergents, personal care, grocery, food, spices and coming soon coffee and delicacies.

Zero Waste Earth Store providing over 40 types of cleaning detergents and personal care.

Safer for your skin, safer for the environment and zero waste to landfill.
Green Formulation detergent sold in Zero Waste Earth Store does not contain harmful or carcinogenic or hormone disruptive chemicals that may affect human’s well-being and also have no negative effects on the marine ecology

Choose to Refill. Choose to Refill cleaning products and detergent without harmful chemical. Choose environmental friendly and green formulation products

Accoding to a report by NST, in 2018, Malaysians dumped a record 195,300 tonnes of textile waste and SWCorp Malaysia revealed that the amount of textile waste entering our landfills had doubled from 2.8 per cent in 2012 to 6.3 per cent. Textiles are the second most polluting industry

We are happy to be working with Upcycle4better to empower Malaysian  companies and communities by supporting then in their efforts to reduce waste and make a difference.

The denim and baju kurung collected will be wash with our ZWES Green Formulation Laundry Detergent 

Then Upcycle4better and Life Line Clothing giving them new life and purpose

The bag are stitched by B40 community in Malaysia. The selling proceed will be channeled to single mother and housewife that do the sewing job

Join us to breathe new life into recycled fabric and helps the environment and local economy

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